Tuesday, 27 May 2014


The wild flowers of May

The Mugello is a small region near Florence. It is known as a green, rich of water and mountainous place. The Florentines say of it "humid" and avoid to go there during the winter. They start to wander there only on May.

Here the small village of "Campomigliaio", that means "field of millet", where, between the parking and the steam "Carza" I've found one of the many nice meadows full of wild flowers.         

On the top right the bridge of the small railway

Here what I've found in a few minutes. There are other flowers left, of course. Only these I could draw just in a page of the Terri's sketchbook. And ... I spent more time for identifying than for drawing them !



  1. Wonderful little studies, Giovanni! I love the flowers but the landscapes are mind blowing! Wonderful work!

    1. Ahhhh ! Yes, "here the meadow" ! Thank you Golden Lady Shevaun !