Wednesday, 15 October 2014


because you can get and eat the fruits two times every year, you can dry its fruits, you can make jam with them, you can enjoy its shadow, you can draw it and you can wear its leaves as lingerie how is the mode this year :
In my garden in Apulia they start to ripe at the beginn of August and every time I work on drying them under the strong sun of August ...
 ... for getting backed figs later

this year I drew figs ... so many ... for the sketchbook of  Golden Lady Doreen too

and showed how many interesting varieties and differences in shape and colour they could have !

In Septemember these figs will be involved in a bloody, long and terrible war against the conkers ; the source of this we don't know well (maybe because a challenge, maybe because the incomprehensions of philosophy between fruits of the South and of the North) ...

 ... this is history ! No wars anymore now, only peace and love ... but figs are the best !

The fruits of July

Here in Italy July is a so horribly warm month, but rich of fruit ; every year I get a big amounth of peaches, nectarines, apricots and plumes because a relative of mine produces this fruit for the big market. A part eating, what other doing with it ?  

Obvious the answer

Apricots "Orange red"

Peaches "Spring bell"

It was easy to me don't get undecideed about what drawing in the sketchbook of Golden Sarah Lady

Peach tree and Plum tree
Red plum "Angeleno", Nectarine "May crest", Yellow plum "prugna d'Italia"

Enjoy the fruit !