Sunday, 11 May 2014

Apulians live surrounded by shells

Apulia, a southern region of Italy that has long coasts, the most rocky. 

Rocks on the jonian sea and "Salicornia europaea", a common plant on the coasts

Under the apulian soil lies a wide plateu of sedimentary rock. With these rocks Apulians made in the past every building :

Dry-stone walls for bordering agricultural properties

Walls and waults for poor class houses

Walls and waults for rich architecture

If you pick some pieces of this rock and you look at how they are made up, you'll notice that they are only fossils shells, parts of shells and sand togeter cemented long time ago by calcium carbonate. Some of these shells can be found today on the beaches, some are forever extinct.

Two pieces of rock, picked up near the sea


  1. Stunning work, Giovanni, amazing xxxx

  2. Amazing work, Giovanni! You are inspiring!

  3. Thank you G. Shevaun Lady ! (Maybe Apulia is inspiring) :-)