Monday, 1 September 2014

September- It feels like being back to school... (Ida Mitrani)

Time flies and I realised that I haven't posted anything on the Blog since May. It feels like I have multiple drawers in my brain that just keep opening and closing!

So since May I have been working on Giovanni's and Sigrid's sketchbooks. I'm really enjoying being able to explore with various mediums and techniques.  The Sketchbook project has definitely given me more confidence when creating while having fun. There are times when things have gone terribly wrong and thanks to 'glue', I have been able to cover my mistakes.

Everyone in the group has been so supportive and even though we don't get to see each other it feels like we know each other through our creations.
I hope we will get together one day and celebrate all the beautiful things we've created!
Maybe rent a house in Tuscany over the summer...

To get back to the drawings: The Chaffinch was done in gouache and the currants and leaf in watercolour. I have to admit, I much more enjoy working with gouache. Going from dark to light. It also allows you to make mistakes as opposed to watercolour which is unforgiven.
I'm always so amazed when I see the work of the other members of the group when using watercolour and how beautiful it looks.

The drawings for Giovanni's sketchbook were inspired by some Turkish floral designs and the golden Ottoman writing actually means 'Nature'.

Coming from a multicultural background and born in Istanbul, I've been incorporating those designs in my own Fine Art work. You will see below, in the portrait with my mum, various colours used and symbolising her cultural diversity (Jewish, Russian Christian orthodox, Turkish, French..)
Nazar Deymesin



  1. I love your work, Ida. The sketchbooks are with me at the moment and I've been really looking closely at the detail that you have done. I haven't seen that portrait before though... it's beautiful!

  2. Stunning work, I love the chaffinch, particularly the leaves he's perched on.

  3. Beautiful Ida! Love all your cultural influences too. Fascinating, can't wait to see it :)