Monday, 25 August 2014

Catching up!

I have really been enjoying this sketchbook exchange- the thrill of a new sketchbook arriving, the challenge of finding a suitable subject to paint, and above all, the friendships that have formed. It’s been such a rewarding experience, and it’s fantastic to see our project inspiring others to set up their own similar sketchbook exchanges.

However I have been very very bad at keeping up with this blog. I’ve no excuse really, it’s just been right at the bottom of my “to do” list and I’ve been feeling very guilty about allowing the blogposts to pile up like this.

Hence this “catch up” post. I have blogged about each one on my own blog, so will also include a link.

First of all is Aislinn’s sketchbook which I painted in May. 
My garden was rich with the scent of the beautiful laburnum tree which was in full bloom, and the bees came out to enjoy the nectar. A small study of senna pods completed the page. 
You can read more about this here

Laburnum and the Bee 

Debbie’s sketchbook was a summery sweet feast of fruit and berries. I enjoyed painting this… an edible subject is always a bonus! You can read more about this painting here

Finally there is Giovanni’s sketchbook,which I painted whilst in Egypt. Giovanni is such a charming character- the only man in our little group, and he regularly entertains us with his fantastic sketches and funny stories. I decided to paint him a Flamboyant tree, or Royal Poinciana tree, which I felt was just right for his colourful personality. There is more about this tree and painting here

Right, I’m almost up to date! I’ll be back soon with Sigrid’s sketchbook.


  1. Love them all! But I especially love mine! :)

  2. Wonderful drawings !!! (... a part the pods of Senna alexandrina that make me remembering of a great diarrhoea with pains I had when I ate one of them !)