Friday, 27 June 2014


June the month of the cherries

A nice subject, when you can get enough of them, cherries to draw ! I started drawing them in 2003 as a small still life, then I continued painting this colourful and nice fruit trying to respect the usual rules of the botanical art. 
Cherries are cultivated plants, but I discovered that in Mugello, part of Tuscan region, they grow in wild, big trees as an element of the local flora, expecially in the hight hills with a cool climate. At the end of June there are no cherries anymore, because of the birds, that have all the fruits eaten.

Where are the cherries I drew gone ?

The first drawing I did is in a forgotten sketchbook 

The second is in Amsterdam 

The third (wild plant) is still framed and it was in Berlin for an exibition last year 

The fourth (wild plant) I gave as a present to a friend

The last is in Jarnie's sketchbook


  1. You are the Master of Cherries!! I love this post!!

  2. Thank you Golden Lady Shevaun, but don' forget the pomegranates LOL !

  3. Oooh, I am so excited to have these cherries in my sketchbook, they are gorgeous. As Shevaun says, you are the Master of Cherries. :)

  4. Ahhhhh ! Thank you G. Jarnie Lady !