Tuesday, 29 April 2014

April Showers, (of Leaves)

April is such an unpredictable month, and I found it really difficult to think of a theme for the next sketchbook in the exchange. Looking out into the garden, it suddenly dawned on me just how green everything was beginning to look. The leaves where coming back at a rapid pace with their vibrant shades and many shapes. So, for this springy month, leaves were just the thing.

My predecessor in the sketchbook (Sarah), had placed a rather gorgeous Magnolia stellata leaf skeleton, which was almost perfect. Having some fine blue tissue paper, I set about making a rubbing of the leaf, using gentle movements with a very soft graphite pencil. it came out quite well, but where there was little gap where the pencil couldn't reach. To get round this and make it more of a feature, I added the name of the plant in calligraphy.

A rubbing really picks out the fine details of a leaf skeleton

Adding some calligraphy fills a gap in the rubbing

I also wanted to add some studies of individual leaves, but where the page was a bit bumpy, I decided to add studies that had been done on watercolour paper. Cotoneaster, basil, clematis, ivy and a little clover leaf made for a nice group, with a good selection of greens. Matching in nicely with the colour used for the month heading.

A selection of leaves and a chicken.

Knowing that the recipient keeps chickens, I thought it would be rather fun to add something personal to them. So, although a rather sketchy little affair, I am quite chuffed with Clucky there in the corner.


And with April being what it is and also having a penchant for the whimsical, this little ditty from Bambi just had to get in somewhere. Complete with it's own rain cloud.

The tune is stuck in my head now.

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