Friday, 21 February 2014

From green to purple red

Citruses show a wide range of colours from the yellow-green to the purple red. I thought that it would have been easy to me to paint some segments, but in fact I found it difficult, even if in the citruses the colour doesn't change with the time and these fruits keep long their freshness. The most difficult colour I've found has been the orange and the way for showing its transparence through the segments.

 Similar how in the citruses is the effect in minerals that show the same colours :

yellow fluorite (my collection)

stellerite (my collection)
stilbite (my collection)
aragonite (my collection)
crocoite (my collection)
vanadinite (my collection)


I've tried to replace the colour of the vanadinite with this sketch :

and I've noticed that in it is needing more transparence and less reflections on the faces of the crystals, how in the segment of the orange fruit.


Really fun, a part the attention needed for composing the figures in balancement in the page, has been the work of sketching a mandarin on ink pen and light washes of orange, green and sepia. 


  1. Wonderful blog post and fascinating pages, Giovanni! I love your sketches, and how you link up the minerals with the botanical subjetcs. Your oranges look juicy enough to eat!

  2. Thank you Shevaun, sometimes I compare the look of the transparent minerals with the colours of juice fruits ; I find interesting to study the effect of the transparence in both them !

  3. Really fascinating post, beautifully observed and I love your mineral collection

  4. Thank you Claire. Yes the minerals are a fascinating subject because of their colours, consistence and the time they spent for growing up !

  5. Such an interesting post Giovanni and such a gorgeous collection. Beautiful sketches too.