Sunday, 9 February 2014

Frances Sketchbook

After a lovely time with Shevaun yesterday discussing paint and painting I have managed to finish my first page in the sketchbook.

I enjoyed doing these pages as the little daffodils made me feel that maybe spring is round the corner and we will get some warmer drier weather soon.
, now to start thinking about what I'm putting on Shevauns pages in her sketchbook which is a bit daunting when I see the beauty of her work in the flesh as it were......


  1. Frances, I really enjoyed seeing you too and your daffodils are delightful!! . What a lovely benefit to this project that we are all able to meet up and talk paints and pigments every month. I enjoyed looking through all your coursework too and that video...wonderful!

  2. Beautiful, Frances! Daffodils are one of my favorites. Just what I needed to see as we are getting more snow today. :)