Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Well it has taken me a long time to work this out but I hope I have it right now and this is the correct blog for the sketchbook exchange.

I have at last managed to get my Title page finished, also the inside front cover. The capital F is taken from a manuscript held in the National Library in Paris, the Echternach Gospels,which I adapted by replacing the letter A in the arms of the F with the rest of my name.

The Title page  which I wanted to look like a stained glass window is a mixture of Celtic design and a kind of Art Nouveau. It is meant to represent a daffodil, tulips and shamrock all very stylised. I couldn't paint the piece as the paper I used is too light, so I did it in coloured pencil using Faber Castell Polychromos ones.
I hope to complete the first spread of pages this coming week, so that the sketchbook can go on to Doreen.
I have found it interesting and a challenge as I have to fit this activity in around my botanical illustration course which I had got a bit behind with due to mislaying my paint brushes. However I hope to be better organised for the future so that I don't need to panic about finishing dates. It will be a bit unnerving to have to do work in someone else's book but also lovely to see the different pieces first hand and up close. I'm looking forward to the rest of the project.

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