Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Doreens first page

Quite an unusual choice for my first page ,but it wasn't really my choice I dreamt it and  felt compelled to do it .
Its  100 years this year since the start of the Great War  . So many young men died .
 Here on Anglesey in North Wales  . Then there were  just tiny villages  of maybe less than 100 people . But the memorials to the fallen young men between the ages of 17 and  30 are vast nearly every young man who went to war did not return . They should not be forgotten .
 Ralph Weaver was my Grand Father   he died at age  34 and is buried out side Callas .I have always said  that I would go and find him. So my first page is dedicated to him for with out him and the sacrifice he made I would not be here ,and yes I am planning a trip to Callas at the end of the year to keep my promise to visit his grave.


  1. A really nice dedication !

  2. Doreen, this is such a poignant and moving tribute to your grandfather. He won't be forgotten. Great start to the sketchbook!

  3. Very moving Doreen. A grand-uncle of mine died at the Somme. Unfortunately I know very little about him. Thanks for reminding us.